Small gestures make a big difference – both for your business and personal relationships. SendOutCards helps you organize, personalize, and send greeting cards, showing your friends, family and clients they matter.


  • Follow up on better impulses – SendOutCards makes it easy to send something more than electronic messages. Your personalized messages can include customized photos, and you can pair it with brownies, gift cards, and other thoughtful items from the Gift Catalog.
  • Follow up with your clients – With full inboxes and constant notifications, staying in touch with your contacts is becoming increasingly difficult competition. Strategic cards from your business cut through the digital noise, making more of an impact in your clients’ lives.
  • Follow up on time – Whether you’re following up with prospective clients or sending out your Christmas cards, SendOutCards’ card campaigns and reminder systems remove the hassle. You can even use the SendOutCards mobile app to quickly and easily send a card immediately following an introduction or meeting!
  • Follow up on budget goals – SendOutCards can save you money. A card with postage can cost as little as $1.66 – that’s hard to beat!

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