Relationship Marketing Weekly: Franchise Owner Edition

Relationship Marketing Weekly | Marketing Ally

Imagine you recently purchased an established business or franchise. Starting out, you have a very tight marketing budget… What’s your next step?

Read this week’s article where we feature an amazing interview with new franchise owner Debbie Miller from Greensburg, PA.

Debbie tells us her incredible experience, with a “Relationship Marketing Campaign” she launched to kick-start her new business.

Hear about the fantastic ROI she generated as she personally shares the details on how, for less than $400, this simple postcard campaign generated over $5,000 of additional sales in two short weeks!

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Franchise Owner Edition

About the Author Kirsten Larsen Schultz

When I was growing up my mom always called me a marketers dream. I've always been intrigued by brands and how they are packaged and marketed. Throughout my education and various professional experiences a real love for marketing & brand management developed. A graduate of the Whittemore School of Business, Kirsten Larsen Schultz currently resides in North Hampton, NH with her husband Shawn and their daughter. Kirsten has worked in all facets of marketing for 23+ years prior to opening her own marketing services business in 2014. She has a particular passion for working with small business owners who often get over looked or taken advantage of.

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