May 2017 Marketing Ideas

Here are May 2017 event, promotion, and activity ideas to use in your May Marketing Planning:


  • Mother’s Day Sales & Promotions
  • Small Business Week materials (May 1-6)
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Memorial Day Ideas

Monthly Awareness:

  • ALS
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • Stroke
  • Celiac Disease
  • Bike Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Public Service Recognition Week (7th-13th)
  • Women’s Health Week (14th-20th)

Small Business Week Ideas:

  • Offer a seminar / workshop for small business owners
  • Reveal a different 1-day deal each day
  • Attend networking events
  • Participate in an expo or tradeshow

Promotion Ideas:

  • Offer a free seminar for employees at a local public service office
  • Charity bike ride
  • Cindo de Mayo party (5th)
  • Derby party with fundraiser raffle (6th)
  • New patient discounts (15th)
  • Host a community picnic (23rd)

Content Ideas:

  • Mother’s Day gift guide
  • Gluten-free recipes
  • Graduation gift guide
  • 2 Minute Tips in honor of the 2 minute Kentucky Derby race (6th)
  • “Geek out” over something related to your business (25th)
  • Picnic venue list, diet-specific picnic recipes, picnic kits (23rd)
  • Attend/network at a meetup on a topic you geek out on (25th)

Social Media Ideas:

Industry Specific:

  • Landscaping: Graduation party yard prep/cleanup

>>Business Tip: Adjust budget according to tax refund

>> Sneak Peek: June Planning

  • Let customers know if you will be open on Memorial Day
  • Start summer planning
  • Determine Father’s Day promotions
  • Send out summer hours

Reasons to SendOutCards:

Powered by SendOutCards | are real cards that you can personalize and send from your computer or smart phone, these are not e-cards. For more information on this great Appreciation Tool: click SendOutCards.)


Thank You! – With so many special recognition days in May (Nurse’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, National Receptionist Day, Armed Forces Day, etc) Why not just send a card with brownies to show them you care!

 Other reasons to send: 

  • Mother’s Day (14th)
  • Memorial Day (29th)

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