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Making new friends as adults

Making new friends is an expected part of childhood. But is it only for children? Of course not. Old friends are wonderful, but making new friends as adults is still important. In fact, an active social

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Don’t be late!

As the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland says, “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.” Aren’t we all like the white rabbit now and then? We run around trying to get so much done that

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What good thing happened today?

A post recently making the rounds on Facebook lists questions you can ask your children to encourage conversation and get them to open up about their day. One of the questions is: What is one good thing

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Be More Powerful, Close More Sales: Four Incredible Tips

Ever ended a meeting and felt OFF? …Something just wasn’t right? Everyone has those days, but when you’re in sales, those off days can mean money lost. Perhaps it’s because you had a rough night’s

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Small Business Saturday

I recently discovered a great tool for small business called SnapRetail (Read more about SnapRetail below). I was listening to one of their podcasts on Shop Small Saturday, designated on the Saturday following

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