April 2017 Marketing Planning Ideas

Here are event, promotion, and activity ideas to use in your June Marketing Planning:


  • Easter Sales & Promotions
  • Spring Cleaning
  • April Fools Ideas
  • Tax Day Promotions
  • Poetry Month
  • National Garden Month

Monthly Awareness:

  • Prom Season
  • Financial Literacy
  • Earth
  • NFL Draft
  • Sexual Assault
  • Volunteering
  • Donate Life

Content Ideas:

  • Tax tips and advice
  • Passover Recipes
  • Home and lawn care tips
  • Injury prevention / remedies for outdoor exercising
  • Finance, DIY, money-saving tips
  • Financial terms glossary
  • Spring break travel tips
  • What your child learned at work (27th)

Social Media Ideas:

  • Sexual assault awareness campaign (4th)
  • Virtual high fives to followers, influencers, clients (tag them) (20th)
  • Customer survey or poll (20th)
  • Snapchat / Facebook Day / Instagram stories from your child’s adventure at work (27th)

Industry Specific:

  • Accountants & Financial Planners: Great opportunity to to reach out to past, present, and prospect clients related to Financial Literacy.
  • Landscapers: Get in touch with customers as part of National Garden Month, time to get ready for Summer
  • Roofers: Reach out to customers and prospects for post-winter roof inspections following the damaging winter snow / ice / and wind


Reasons to SendOutCards:

Powered by SendOutCards | www.sendoutcards.com/marketingally(These are real cards that you can personalize and send from your computer or smart phone, these are not e-cards. For more information on this great Appreciation Tool: click SendOutCards.)


National Garden Month – Send card with seed packet Card Front & Interior

Sibling Day (10th) Card

 Other reasons to send: 

  • Husband Appreciation Day (15th)
  • Easter (16th)

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